Anuskatzz and Lily Lu built up the Z-filmz platform to bring together all creative cinematographer, filmmaker, producer,editer, photographer and talents at their Psyland25 film studios to share amazing content. Over the years of their relationship they evolved as well with the medium photography and film.

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All started with their passion for art, high quality and the love for capturing intimate moments with the medium of photography. At some point photography wasnt enough. It needed some more spice to catch kinks, sexuality experiences,BDSM sessions and insane rituals so they decided to transform photography into film. The medium film is an amazing tool to combine art, quality and sexuality together. It have so much potential and we want to explore it to the fullest. It became the mainfocus in our lifes – this is why we are happy to present you our new project Z-filmz form.


Anuskatzz is the CO-founder of Dirty Dreaz and Z-filmz. In the age of 18 she felt in LOVE with the the medium film and photography.She is addicted to quality so her focus is to work with high quality artists together and give them a bigger stage in her world wide web network to show the social media world their amazing creations. With her statment: The world wide web is my playground – let us play together. She hit the nail right on the head…

With the medium photography she enjoy to create a picture of a moment but this moment actually will last for ever – isnt it exiting ? Her creativity impact transformed to a full network of sexual ´treatment´ for herself and for the ones who are intersted to explore it to. As dominatrix she show her passion within BDSM sessions as Femdom in Switzerland to people who are willing to be her submissive. Teaching submissives how to behave and enjoy + giving them a burst of selfconfidence is what let her heart beat faster.

Within the project Dirty Dreaz and Z-Filmz she have the oppertunity to create with friends amazing XXX content you might never forget. The most important thing for Anuskatzz is to do what she loves and this with the bottom of the heart – you can be sure you will see this lifeblood in all of her performances. Sexuality and BDSM is the key to yourself. It let you grow, it makes you stronger and most of the time it helps you to let go and to enjoy the moment and we all need sometimes to just enjoy ourselfs to be happy right ?


known for his abstract art, tattooing and life. for noncomformistic transformation of the human body and mind. Filmmaking is the new love of little swastika aka Lily Lu and involves the most fundamental aspects of this life. rituals, psychedelics and bdsm.

As someone who gives up any kind of social limitations he lives genderfree and switches between a female and male body in his daily life and also tries not to hold to any rules in his films.

Lily Lu is a creator, an artist, an independent filmmaker, an author and the builder of her own world. Her filmmaking is powerful and visionary, deeply rooted in art style from her (not only) tattoo past. Creating from her self-build ‘temple’ Psyland 25 in south Germany.

Lover of life and someone who believes in nothing. For her life is about love, passion and doing impossible things, crossing borders and doing what’s by most considered extreme.Her visions as a filmmaker is to document the beauty of true alternative lifestyle, to show what is behind surface, the real raw truth, the beauty and the love within her and others in her world.

She has been making movies for many years as a part of her Dirty Dreaz project and winning film awards for her raw and edgy XXX films picturing her view on alternative way of sexuality, bdsm, rituals and much more.


Dirty Dreaz is a visual sideproject of Lily Lu known as little swastika and anuskatzz. its somewhere in between psychedelic art and pornography.

Tripporn from dreadheads.

Little Swastika is known as an tattoo artist who influenced the tattoo scene especially with his “third dimension” project. To break borders and play with his own style of creativity is also his main idea for the new project dirty dreaz. So let us use this medium and create something new out of it. Let us play with different lights, with crazy cuts, with smiles and laughs and that was true sex is: passion!

Anuskatzz work as dominatrix in Switzerland. Together with little swastika she started the project dirty dreaz because BDSM is for both of them one really important element in life.

They both enjoy to have fun with people with dreadlocks and tattoos who they feel attracted to. So they decided to combine fun and creativity and give this moments of joy with friends a stage in their movies.

All of our friends like to explore sexuality, explore theirselfs and explore BDSM, with the medium film and photography we are able to transport this intimate moments to a audience who is the same open mindet. We are so happy to give this audience a lot of inspiration from our blissfull experiences and show them a way to transport this heartbeat into their own personal lifes. This is exactly why we love what we do. To inspier with quality content and passion – to show you a way outside of the box of your own imagination.


At this place we want to say a big thank you to our sponsors who provide us with crazy tools.


Kinky Life Is your gate into our kinky world. This FREE Youtube channel combines all our crazy projects like Z-filmz and Dirty Dreaz and showes you an exiting high quality view insight a world you might have never explored but you are curous about. Our Youtube channel is full of UNBOXING clips, BDSM shows, behind the scenes and a lot more for all the ADULT needzZ out there. We can only recommend you to FOLLOW and SUBSCRIBE because it is for FREE and espacially made for YOU 🙂


We see ourselfs as ADULT fun factory so there is one thing we cant miss: The LIVE PERFORMANCES we create. The heartbeat we share on stage, the adrenalin rush you cant deny, the eyes you cant close while we abduct you into a performance who will always stuck in your head. On stage we show you how we combine bittersweet joy with the most elegant form of BDSM – Shibari. We always push it over the limit because we love to make an impression with our creations – this is why we already had the oppertunity to perform on big stages around the world. Some of the audience we let speechless, some with standing ovations but all of them with a experience they wont forget until the end of their lifetime… So if you are curious you can follow us on YOutube: Kinky life ,where you can see some – light – show impressions or you follow us on Z- filmz where you can see the LONG UNCENSORED 18+ clips of the shows weve already gave.